The Game Changer in Trial Advocacy Education
Nashville, TN
May 1-3, 2022
Charlotte, NC
June 3-5, 2018
Santa Fe, NM
August 26-28, 2018
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Nashville, TN
May 1-3, 2022
22+ CLE Credits
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Seminar Details

Save the Date! We will announce the agenda and more details soon.

Meet us in Nashville – the Capital of Country Music and learn all about Traumatic Brain Injury from many of the Nations leading Attorneys, Doctors, Jury Trial Consultants, Psychologist, Neurologists and Neuroradiologists.

Seminar theme: Brain Alteration Injury/TBI and How to Maximize Settlements & Verdicts: Igniting the Flame of Innovation & Creativity in Handling Brain Injury Cases.


BECAUSE LOW SETTLEMENTS & MINIMAL VERDICTS IN TBI CASES HAVE BECOME AN EPIDEMIC IN THIS COUNTRY! There are many reasons and at least one reason deals directly with the Plaintiff Lawyer’s attitude, skill and resourcefulness in approaching every aspect of these cases. This seminar will teach you not just which diagnostic tests must be utilized, but how they must be used and when and who must conduct the testing & interpretation. You will learn how to debunk the defense experts…who are hired solely to derail your client and your case with approaches of fiction. You will learn real medicine, real anatomy and how you need to handle the TBI cases in the first hours and days. WE will conduct a live MOCK TRIAL of a Closed Head Injury case…where each attendee will have input and participation tasks. Every attendee will learn how to take a TBI case from start to finish. Clearly, this will be the single most meaningful TBI learning experience ever developed and scheduled. This is a seminar you simply can’t miss!

Earn 22+ CLE credits. Plaintiff and Criminal Defense Attorneys may register for $995 and Paralegals may register for $495. Speakers are always subject to change, due to Trial schedules.

Seminar Chair: John F. Romano, Esq. with Romano Law Group.


Sponsors will be announced soon.