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Bernard F. Pettingill JR., PH.D.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Bernard (Biff) Pettingill, former professor of economics at the Florida Institute of Technology and Palm Beach Atlantic University, has also taught for many years at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and as an associate professor at Louisiana State University Medical School. Dr. Pettingill has been a forensic economist since 1985; he has testified by deposition or trial in over 1500 cases in 29 states plus the US Virgin Islands.

Graduate Manchester University, Manchester, England, January 1977
Ph.D. – Economics, Department of Economics and Social Administration.
Dissertation: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Treatment of Arthritis – A Comparison of Five Hospitals.”
Graduate Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1973
MPH-Master Public Health, Department of Health Economics and Medical Care Administration.
Graduate Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 1971 and June 1969; MBA – Economics, BBA — Business Administration