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Morgan G. Adams

Chattanooga, TN

Morgan Adams, owner of Truck Wreck Justice, PLLC (East Coast) and Seattle Truck Law, PLLC (West Coast), is the past President of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and past Chair of both the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group and Bus Litigation Group. He is the current Chair of the AAJ Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group. In addition to personally handling all types of commercial truck and bus cases, Morgan works as a national consultant for other lawyers in truck, bus, and catastrophic cases. Dual Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Truck Accident Litigation and as a Civil Trial Advocate, Morgan has worked on truck and bus cases in 43 states with record results in multiple states and jurisdictions.

In 2010, West Publishing included his chapter on “Truck Accident Litigation” in its multivolume set Handling Motor Vehicle Cases, 2d. He authored the chapter on “Negligence Per Se” in the 2013 ABA textbook Truck Accident Litigation 3d Ed., as well as co-authored “Investigating the Case” in the 2015 Trial Guides text Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit 4th Ed. His 2018 DVD on Advanced Demand Letters: Trucking is available at Trial Guides.

A Desert Storm veteran, Morgan retired from the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 2006 after 22 ½ years of service. Everything the recruiter promised him came true, but can’t be repeated in polite company.

Married with three children, He enjoys coffee, bad puns and the odd act of poetic justice.