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November 7-9, 2024
Fort Worth, TX
Saddle up and come learn from the top deposition takers in the country at the SpringHill Suites Fort Worth Historic Stockyards.


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Connectionology as the art, science, methodology of bonding and relating to others for purposes of persuasion or enhancing a given relationship.

John F. Romano, Esq. Founder

Our Story

Connectionology® Seminars of America was formed in 2012 by John F. Romano, Esq. and some of the Nation’s Top Trial Attorneys with the goal of teaching and connecting all Plaintiff Trial and Criminal Defense Attorneys around the country.

Its mission is to provide serious education for those who desire to learn how to become a better lawyer and the main purpose is to help them reach great results to improve the lives for the client.

Connectionology® seminars have an outstanding history of featuring premier National Speakers and leading Experts in the industry. The educational topics vary from settlements, negotiation, mediation, insurance, medicine, anatomy, discovery, auto damages, jury selection and much more. However, when an advocate fails at connection, he/she divides, fails at persuasion, distances a relationship, and creates an enhancement of mistrust or disbelief.

When you think of the word “connection”–you conceptualize thoughts of “fastening together,” or “tying together,” or “joining together,” or “binding together,” and similar thoughts.

This is what Connectionology® is all about.

In every step you take as a Trial Lawyer in the handling, workup, litigation, and trial of a case–your every thought should be focused upon connecting with the judge and jury in order to persuade and enhance the position of your client’s cause.

Our Expertise

Connectionology® deals with “connecting” with others on a personal, emotional, trust, and oftentimes even spiritual level.

Connectionology® is what true courtroom advocates are all about as each is a master “Connectionologist.”

Connectionology® deals with bonding, relating, linking, attaching, and embracing others. When a trial advocate “connects,” he/she embraces, bonds, relates and persuades (albeit at varying levels or degrees).

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